Fire on 56th St.

This house was mostly destroyed by a fire that someone intentionally set.  Luckily, no one was home, but 3 dogs were killed in the fire.   We need your help in solving this arson case and bringing some closure to our victim.  If you have a tip, please report it here.

Ali Al Saidi - Homicide

Ali AlSaidi had told his wife that he was worried and thought they probably needed to leave Lincoln.  A short time later his body was found in Salt Creek after he was brutally murdered.   Ali was from Iraq and probably knew his killers personally.  We are hoping that several years after his murder, someone in the community can help us to clear his homicide case.  Check out this great news clip from 10/11 on Ali's Cold Case. If you have information on Ali's death please give us an anonymous tip here.

Who killed Patricia Webb?

Case #J84200

Patricia Webb was reported missing from her job at the Adult Book and Cinema Store on April 18th 1974.  Two days later her half naked body was found under a haystack 13 miles South of Lincoln.    A fascinating overview of this case was done by the Journal Star.   10/11 news also did a cold case story on Patricia.     If you have information, please contact the Lincoln Police Department or give us a tip here

Carl Bittner - Homicide


Carl Bittner went missing in 2002 and his remains were found in 2004.   His family only asks for one present this Christmas. It's the same present they have dreamed of since 2002. They just want answers to their questions. Watch the video above to learn about Carl's Cold Case. We also released Carl's last correspondence to his dad from the case files. They were written around the time he vanished. Click on a letter to read it:
carl letter 1C carl letter 2C new carl letter 3C
If you can help Carl's family with their Christmas wish, tell us here.